Drew McPayne

EVP Product & Operations, Lifecycle Tech, UK

“At a professional level they hold the same ethos for quality and efficiency, they work hard and stick to the plan. I feel that when we communicate the whole team listens, many times we’ve been challenged to consider other options and the end result is always beneficial.

[ … ]

Nordlogic work for the product not just the project. Since the success of the initial engagement, we found that Nordlogic offered far more than project management and development resource. Nordlogic and Lifecycle operate as a single close-knit team, providing diversity, agility and fast paced development cycles.”

Don Hernandez

CEO, Enlyte, USA

“I’ve had the privilege of working with the Nordlogic team twice now, and they are amazing to work with in the startup phase of an organization.

We pivoted four times before we finally found the right market fit, and they ensured that our costs were minimal during this process. Once we figured out what we wanted and they started actively developing, they proactively came up with ideas to help make the product even better.

With their help, we won an award for “Top Ten Employee Wellness Solution Providers” and the prestigious “Innovator” awards from Healthcare Revolution, one of only 100 companies world-wide to receive this award.

Strongly recommended! ”

Kavita Parmar

Director, Word360 Language Services, UK

“I would unreservedly recommend Nordlogic as the ideal software development partner. From the beginning of our project, Nordlogic have been professional, diligent and entirely cooperative.

Alexandra [the project manager] has continuously been fantastic and responsive. She has never negatively reacted to anything we have asked and embraces challenges as opposed to seeing problems, an ethos I feel that resonates throughout Nordlogic.”

Andrew Ullman

Co-founder, University Bridge, USA

“The Nordlogic team was excellent.

They were attentive, made themselves available quickly and appear to be very well-trained coders. I would recommend their services to anyone interested in high-quality coding work by experts in the field.”

Serban Nascu

VP, Target Asset Management, Romania

“We used Nordlogic for implementing the Financial Data Management system we use internally. They were very supportive throughout the project, from specification to delivery.

Andrei Olariu seems to know more about financial markets than many brokers in the business.

I wholeheartedly recommend them. They always seem to ask the right questions, and are some of the most reliable people I have worked with.”

Christian Agafi

CEO, MyAdventureZone, USA

“I have been working with Nordlogic for almost a year now, during which time my project grew both in reach and complexity.

The entire Nordlogic team has done an amazing job keeping up with changes and managing challenges. No matter what difficulty was encountered or a new feature was requested, they never said that it could not be done. Instead, they always delivered in a timely and professional manner.

Thank you for a great job!”

M. Hagger

Project Manager, IP Vigil, USA

“I am a software manager with 26 years of experience in small to large development projects involved in image processing, database management, and customized applications. I have managed domestic and international software development teams for many years. I currently work for a fast growing US software company providing distributed training via the web.

I wholeheartedly give my endorsement to Nordlogic.

They have provided excellent software development and support over the last year in a project that has slowly grown in scope with often poorly defined requirements. The Nordlogic team has been patient, offering excellent suggestions (which I almost always follow), and executing code and testing with very good responsiveness. Their expressive and receptive English is excellent.

One key crucial aspect is that they ensure that code is thoroughly tested before we or our customers use it. Our application has become quite sophisticated, involving three public domain modules, and Nordlogic has been very tenacious in making sure that this complicated layer executes well with our product.

Lately we have been requesting Nordlogic development in surges rather than a steady, continued pacing. However, Nordlogic has always been able to provide very good, steady support in “crunch” times, regardless of their customer load.

We have also begun to outsource our user interface design to them and we are very pleased with the results.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further information.”