Custom Software Development
Tailored to Meet Challenging Business Needs

We are the technology partner that will find
solutions fitting your most challenging business needs.

Our custom software development services will help your business make the right changes and stay competitive in the market.

Your business demands personalized solutions, so we will work together as a team and find the right technology approach and follow through. We will help every step of the way, from business analysis and software architecture design to delivery, and throughout the mature phases with software maintenance and support for your product.

What we do


When it comes to software, one size definitely does not fit all. Custom solutions are often the way to go not only when the technology is the product itself, but also when companies want to reach their true potential. This can be achieved by implementing their own ideas and ways of doing things, rather than following the beaten path. We like to think of ourselves as a product company: we build your product.


Any construction is only as strong as its foundation. For software projects, laying the groundwork means to thoroughly understand the business needs, and ensure that they get accurately translated into technical requirements. Our business analysts will work with you and make sure the project is heading the right way from the beginning.


Good architecture is built to last, and it delivers the best solution based on existing constraints. In software development, the architecture has a major impact on the quality, performance, security, cost, maintainability, and longevity of the solution. We will always take into account the pros and cons of several possible alternative architectures, and choose the right one based on your priorities.


An effective project manager is one of those things whose value is really appreciated when he or she is missing. They can make the difference between chaos on one hand and a stable and predictable process followed by steady progress on the other. Our project managers are here to make things easier for you throughout the development cycle, and to ensure quality delivered on time.


We don’t think that quality assurance is something that happens only when development is completed. We believe that QA is an integral part of the development process, with responsibilities spread over both the development team and the dedicated testing team.


A software solution is never something that is written once and then used forever. It’s a living thing. It needs to adapt to changing conditions, both business and technical. Following delivery, we provide the level of support and maintenance you need, as well as any further development your business may require.

We have extensive experience in custom software development across several industries. Drop us a line if you believe in your business idea. We love innovation, new paths and… to be challenged.



We’ve helped numerous clients make the transition to the digital age by building software systems that help streamline and optimize their operational processes. Sometimes this meant having an end to end system with cloud deployment, while other times it meant bringing IoT to the manufacturing process.



Nowadays, technology is an integral part of the healthcare industry, and many technology advancements are often involved. We have delivered cloud, mobile and IoT solutions for this sector, and we are currently partnering with the Genomic Center of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj to research and build a personalized medical solution.



Given our CEO’s experience in financial technology (including several years at Goldman Sachs), it was fated that Nordlogic will provide services to this industry. We work for banks, brokerages and hedge funds, and we have proven to be a reliable partner for critical applications.



When the product is the technology itself, we find ourselves working on the cutting edge of the field. We love it, and our customers loved the results even more!


Media & Social Media

We have vast experience developing applications based on various social networking platforms, and helping our customers adapt to the new ways people interact. This is a fast evolving industry, and keeping up is critical in the fields of marketing and entertainment.


Professional Services

We help professional service businesses build unique experiences for their customers by including digital technologies into their operations. From translations and languages services to recruiting, building maintenance, customer support, and to human resources services, we’re using our knowledge to create digital solutions that empower our business partners to deliver unprecedented value to their customers.


Non Profit

Before anything else, we are human beings and we resonate profoundly with fellow humans in need. We love to help. We have worked with NGOs ranging from small charities to one of the largest United Nations humanitarian agencies. Each time we tried to proactively help on the technology side, thus allowing them to focus on helping others.

We are hard-working, agile & experienced business partners.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what Drew McPayne, Lifecycle Tech’s Executive Vice President has to say!

Here are some references…

Don Hernandez,
CEO, Enlyte

Once they started the product development, they proactively came up with ideas to help make the product even better. With their help, we won an award for Top Ten Employee Wellness Solution Providers and Healthcare Revolution’s prestigious Innovator awards, one of only 100 companies worldwide to receive this award.”

Serban Nascu,
Vice President, Target Asset Management

Nordlogic helped us with the implementation of our Financial Data Management system. They were very supportive throughout the project, from specification to delivery. They seem to know more about financial markets than many brokers in the business. They always seem to ask the right questions, and are some of the most reliable people I have worked with.

M. Hagger,
Project Manager, IP Vigil

They have provided excellent custom software development and support in a project that has slowly grown in scope with often poorly defined requirements. The Nordlogic team has been patient, offering excellent suggestions, and executing code and testing with very good responsiveness. Our application has become quite sophisticated and Nordlogic has been very tenacious in making sure that this complicated layer executes well with our product.

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