Outsourced product development : why you need a vendor who shares your product mindset

  January 19, 2021 |  Reading time: 5 Min

Some product development teams might fall into the trap of thinking that all customers need the same thing.

A dive into the practice of code review

  January 6, 2021 |  Reading time: 8 Min

Code review is considered to be the #1 practice a company can use to improve code quality. But its benefits extend far beyond that, while its drawbacks can be managed by following best practices guidelines, all of which we are about to explore here.

“The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” – Book Overview

  December 11, 2020 |  Reading time: 6 Min

There are many approaches to how a team should be built, each relying on a different underlying theory. One of the most interesting ones is described by Patrick Lencioni in his book “The Five Disfunctions of a Team”.

Why develop a software product in Romania?

  November 18, 2020 |  Reading time: 3 Min

We all know that every successful software product starts with a big idea. However, it takes a lot of time, energy and dedication to take that great idea and transform it into a successful product. Most importantly, you need the right technology and architecture to ensure a seamless experience for your end-users…

Things that can kill a software product – Technical Debt

  March 26, 2019 |  Reading time: 6 Min

You’re coming home after a hard day at work.  You throw your bag on the couch and grab the two slices of cold pizza left over since last night (you hope), barely feeling the taste of it. With the last bit of energy you throw the box on top of the pile of other boxes from food delivery you have lying around in your room…

How much testing do I need for my software product?

  January 24, 2019 |  Reading time: 3 Min

So you are the person in charge of a software project. It may be something small, an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or a large enterprise project.

You want it quickly, cheap, and without bugs. I’m not even going to say the “pick two” cliche (there, I said it), but the truth is that too often in the industry…

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