Level: Middle, Senior
Location: Cluj-Napoca, Oradea

The .NET Developer is responsible for the creation and implementation of a wide variety of software applications using Microsoft programming technologies and tools.

Other responsabilities include:

Participating in a team-oriented environment to develop complex web-based applications

Maintaining existing code base, troubleshooting bugs and adding new features

Analyzing customer needs and providing software solutions as part of a team

Skills that you must have:

Solid development skills in the front-end environment and good .NET knowledge

​ We are looking for people who can write good, efficient, well structured code. It’s also very important to understand things, and not only work with them mechanically. At least 3 years of programming experience needed for that.

Technology stack

We often work with:

  • ASP.NET Core;
  •  SharePoint, MS-SQL, Azure, Xamarin;
  • and when we talk about frontend we like Angular. On some projects we use Node.js, and we also add MongoDB and others into the mix where needed.

Are you ready to work with these?

Very good communication skills

You will have to communicate with different people in order to share information and get the answers you need, and often you need English for that.

Your own ideas

We want you to help us innovate: bring your own ideas to the table. We like independent and clever individuals.

Team Work

You’ll be a part of a team and you need to be able to efficiently collaborate and communicate.

Ability and desire to learn new things and improve your technical knowledge

This is cornerstone for the evolution of a great software developer.

Are you ready to work with these?


Interesting and innovative projects, each one different, that will challenge you and improve your skillset.

You will be a part of a young and enthusiastic team within a friendly environment.

A place in a fast developing company with big ambitions and exciting future ahead.

A very flexible schedule and the opportunity to work from home a number of days. We believe in our people and we try to make the environment as work-friendly as we can.

You will have the opportunity to develop your technical knowledge, by participating in the Nordlogic technical community, by following online courses,  and getting official Microsoft certification exams, all paid by the company. You will also be able to attend relevant IT conferences and seminars.

Last but not least, we offer a great compensation package, including salary correlated with the personal performance, premium medical services from Regina Maria health network and partners, and reimbursement of gym subscription. Plus, our team building outings are always fun and instructive.